09 December 2021

SOCAR AQS has successfully completed drilling of another well at Gunashli field

SOCAR AQS has completed the drilling of the well 356 from the offshore platform 7, meeting all quality, environmental standards, and in a safe and reliable manner.


The well has been drilled to the total depth as per final approved profile and delivered to SOCAR's Azneft Production Union, SOCAR AQS’ long-term customer.


The drilling of the well has been carried out in full compliance with HSE requirements with no accident, injury, loss or leak, throughout the well operations.


During sidetracking of 8 ½” section of the well number 356, bottom hole assembly improvements were made, and section was drilled in full accordance with the profile.


Consequently, 7” casing was successfully run, cemented and delivered to the customer with high production rate.


“We thank SOCAR's Azneft Production Union and SOCAR AQS employees who contributed to the successful drilling of the well while addressing all challenges, and making the right decisions during the delivery of the operations. We are confident that going forward, all other wells will also be drilled according to the schedule, without any problem, and drilling operations will be carried out successfully”, said General Director of SOCAR AQS Samir Mollayev.