Eldar Yaradanguliyev

Drilling Operations Director

After graduating from the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry on the specialization of Oil and Gas Mining in 1986 year, Eldar Yaradanguliyev started his career as a Drilling Assistant in the Offshore Exploration Drilling Department of “Bayil Port” under the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR). In 1987, he was appointed as an HSE engineer.


Mr. Yaradanguliyev worked as a drilling engineer at “Bayil Port” during 1988-2001, and later as a senior engineer at the Technological Department. In 2001 Mr. Yaradanguliyev was appointed the deputy head of the Technological Department, and later the head of that department. He worked on this position until 2008.


Mr. Yaradanguliyev joined Azeri Drilling company in 2008, and then SOCAR AQS as the head of the Drilling Engineering Department, and since 2009 he has been working as the Director of Drilling Operations.


Eldar Yaradanguliyev managed many successful projects at SOCAR AQS, closely contributed to and led the company’s achievements. These achievements include projects such as well drilling in the shortest time period in the history of SOCAR, extracting the deepest rock particles, drilling the first horizontal well, cementing the operational pipeline from the sub-structure for the first time, drilling the deepest well, the heaviest casing lowering.


Mr. Yaradanguliyev was awarded the “Honorary Oilman” badge by the President of SOCAR, and the Certificate of Merit by SOCAR AQS.