05 November 2022

SOCAR AQS has successfully completed the drilling of well No. 358 in the "Guneshli" field

SOCAR AQS has successfully completed the drilling of well No. 358 at the platform 7 in the "Guneshli" field.


The drilling operations were carried out in accordance with health, safety and environmental protection regulations. The well integrity was ensured, the well was drilled in line with the project and schedule, and delivered to the customer, SOCAR's Azneft Production Unit.


The well No. 358, drilled from platform 7 to the X horizon in the shallow water section of the Guneshli field, was put into production using the natural flow and with high production.

During the drilling of the well, the 28-inch guide casing was removed from the project (risk assessed and documented), which in turn resulted in high-quality cementing of the 20-inch conductor casing.


At the same time, a 7 x 6 5/8 inch combined production casing was lowered into the well. The operation was successfully completed using a special combination plug suitable for the diameter of both casings. This eliminates the need for enlargement operation in order to avoid lowering of large diameter casing in the open hole, which is in line with the customer's future needs to drill side tracks at intervals greater than 7 inch casing.


We are thankful to the SOCAR's Azneft Production Unit, to our contractors and each employee of SOCAR AQS, who was part of the team in the drilling of the well, and contributed to the high quality and proper completion of the operations.


We believe that all our future projects will be successfully implemented by close cooperation.