23 September 2016

SOCAR AQS 2016-2017 Scholarships winners announced

SOCAR AQS made public its decision to recognize the 2 final-year students of the Oil and Gas Engineering Faculty of Baku Higher Oil School and Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University. Ibrahim Mammadov and Yasin Musayev results have earned them a SOCAR AQS scholarship designated for the 2016-2017 academic years.  Both of these talented students gained the highest achievements in education and together with their exemplary behaviour, became winners of the SOCAR AQS Scholarship after gaining success in the enterprise-run competition.


The event was attended by Elmar Gasimov, Chancellor of Baku Higher Oil School, Professor Mustafa Babanli, Chancellor of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University and other appropriate scientific councils.  


During the event, Elmar Gasimov, chancellor of the Baku Higher Oil School, noted in his speech that SOCAR AQS has been utmost sensitive from the day of its commencement to the issue of qualification training of young personnel. "Today, the announcement of awarding Scholarships to these two talented drilling engineers must serve as an example for local industrial enterprises. Both students are local and have grown up in the region. Thanks to their achievements in education and high academic observation, they scored higher than the other contestants, thus becoming the winners of the programme. It is the knowledge retention that has made them winners. Knowledge, hardworking and on-going development makes any victory accessible’’.


Taking the floor, Gasim Mammadov, Vice- chancellor of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University on education remarked that the setting-up a scholarship programme in the field of oil and gas engineering is one of the successful projects created to serve forming a competitive environment among the students, increasing their activity during the academic process and hence stimulating their interests in education as a whole.


‘’We are satisfied and happy with the present level of relationship between SOCAR AQS and the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University. The SOCAR AQS scholarship award granted to our student- Yasin Musayev’s recognition as winner of the company’s  competition is also attributed to the success of our hard-working teachers.’’