11 October 2022

SOCAR AQS successfully completed drilling of four wells using the “Batch drilling” method for the first time

SOCAR AQS, integrated drilling and well services provider, has successfully completed the construction works of wells No.147, 148, 149 and 150 with the actual depths of 794, 850, 833 and 870 meters in the "West Absheron" field in a safe and environmentally-friendly way and with high-quality.


The wells, drilled as per the approved design, without any complications, were constructed in an economically efficient manner and handed over to the Customer – SOCAR "Azneft" Production Union.


SOCAR AQS - committed to its values, including bringing innovative approaches to its operations - for the first time in its history applied the “Batch Drilling” method (sequential drilling of the same section of several wells) to well drilling. The main advantage of this method is the logistics of equipment and services. Thanks to this drilling method, sequential drilling of the same section of several wells is carried out by using the same equipment and services, which optimizes operational and cost-efficiency. 


SOCAR AQS will continue to take innovative steps to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of drilling operations in its future projects.