23 September 2016

SOCAR AQS’s Internship Programme 2016 for Students completed

For reference, the latest SOCAR AQS Internship Programme for Students has come to a close whereby students were interned into different structural departments of the enterprise during July to September of the current year.


Noteworthy that, 17 students out of 425 applicants succeeded in the preliminary selection, testing and interview phases and were awarded two months internship within SOCAR AQS. The senior management of the enterprise paid close attention to the Internship Programme and developed the necessary work activities, assignments and conditions for the appropriate organization throughout their summer vacation and effective internship for students.


Upon completion of the Programme and assignments, each student submitted a presentation to the management of the enterprise, either individually or as a team, depicting the various  projects and assignments that they were engaged in.


It should be noted that the final presentation ceremony of the participants of the Summer Internship Programme was attended by Professor Mustafa Babanly, Chancellor of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University and Elmar Gasimov, chancellor of the Baku Higher Oil School. In the ceremony, the higher schools principals were provided with detailed information about the progress of the internship and the activity of the students.


In his speech, the chancellor of Baku Higher Oil School, Elmar Gasimov, stated that internship programs for students arranged by the industrial enterprises play an important role in their masters class based theoretical knowledge, exposing them to actual practices and assisting them to become skilled personnel. "The students who have gained the opportunity to go through the experience in SOCAR AQS are extremely privileged , as the company holds a peculiar high regard within the national drilling industry and applies new technique and technologies throughout their business and operations. Within the programme, students became acquainted with new techniques and technologies, operational and quality control devices on the drilling units and systems, work of operational systems, and witnessing of well construction processes. Students also gained opportunities to work with and be mentored and coached by experts, which can be considered as a turning point to becoming highly-skilled personnel".


Elmar Gasimov, expressed his gratitude to SOCAR AQS senior management for the conditions and opportunities created for the students. The students of the Summer Field Internship in their turn expressed their appreciation to the General Director of SOCAR AQS, as well as to the assigned internship field instructors/coaches and mentors in addition to everyone working at SOCAR AQS for the support they were provided with.


Towards the closure of the event, 17 students who successfully completed their internship programme were awarded with relevant certificates by the enterprise.